Maple Shade Soccer Club offers several options for the recreational player. We have rec soccer beginning when players are 3 years old and going through U12 in our Friendship Program. Although we encourage all of our players to move to travel at age 8 or 9 to take the next step in their development. Click one of the links to the left to find out more about what we have to offer. Below are short explanations of each program and what they offer.

MSSC 3 Yr old Program

At MSSC we appreciate the fact that parents what to get their children out to be active and social at a young age. We facilitate this by offering our 3 yr old program. This is the first step of our PREP program. In this program players get to experience soccer in its simplest form. We want the players to be on the field, around other players, growing accustomed to a coach and kicking a ball. There are no scheduled games at this age, only the most basic of activities and a lot of fun for the kids. Our 3 yr old director is fantastic with the players and the kids have a ball!!!


Beginning at age 4, players move into our PREP program. PREP stands for Players Really Enjoy Playing...and as part of this program that has never been more true. Coach Lou heads up this program and there is no one better for the job. Coach Lou is a highly skilled trainer of young players. His approach is able to challenge the players while providing an atmosphere for everyone to learn and grow, no matter their skill level. He brings an element of fun and excitement to the rec program that is absent in many other programs. The PREP program runs up through age 8.

Friendship League

After the players are finished with the PREP program, most move to travel. For those who aren't quite ready for the competition level we offer another avenue. The friendship league provides players a place to play kids from other towns in a more relaxed environment. Players are grouped together by clusters of ages and play Saturday mornings. For some players this is used as a stepping stone to travel.

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.